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Get Sparked!
Permanent Jewelry

New, Modern & Dainty Permanent Bracelets are customized jewelry that can be welded with our "Spark" Welder onto your wrist or ankle without a clasp. Add more sparkle, stack them up, or wear them solo for a minimalist look. These are a fun way to celebrate with friends or treat yourself. 


Get Sparked! FAQ's

Can my kids get a bracelet, too?

YES! Children over the age of 10 can Get Sparked! too. Children under ten years old can be fitted for a custom bracelet with a clasp; a welded option is not available.  

My bracelet came loose. Can you put it back on?

YES! While Get Sparked! Jewelry is considered "permanent"; it is not indestructible and can break. Stuff happens; we get it. If your jewelry breaks at the weld, we will happily reweld it free of charge. Save the piece and schedule a free reweld appointment. If the piece breaks from snagging, tugging, stretching, etc., a small fee will be charged to reweld and refit the piece.

What if I need to take off my welded jewelry?

No problem, you can carefully clip the bracelet off at the ring where it was welded. Save the piece to have it welded back on later or have a clasp added to it. 

What if I can't have jewelry welded on due to sports, profession, underage, commitment issues, etc.?

No worries, you can still join in on the fun! We will add a clasp to the piece instead of welding it. 

Do I really need an appointment?

Yes, appointments are encouraged to ensure our trained "Get Sparked!" staff is available. Click the link below to schedule your visit.

Do you have another question? Feel free to contact us; we would be happy to help. 

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